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State Designated Agencies (SDAs) have been notified by the State Governments under section 15 (d) of the EC Act, 2001 by assigning additional responsibilities to the existing departments. 33 SDAs have been notified under EC Act. In addition to this, Jammu & Kashmir has enacted legislation in line with EC Act and established an agency. Out of 34 SDAs, 15 are Renewable Energy Development Agencies, 9 are Power Department of State Governments, 6 are Electrical Inspectorate offices, 3 are Distribution Companies and 1 is “stand-alone” SDA. The major roles and responsibilities of SDAs are to coordinate, regulate and enforce the various provisions of the Act at the State level.
The following 3 sub-schemes are being approved for supporting State Designated Agencies during XII Plan:
  • Providing financial assistance to the State Designated Agencies to strengthen their institutional capacities and capabilities
  • Contribution to State Energy Conservation Fund
  • Human Resource Development for Promoting Energy Efficiency

The sub-scheme wise physical components and financial implications are provided below:
  • Providing financial assistance to the State Designated Agencies to strengthen their institutional capacities and capabilities: It is broadly divided into four components namely, demonstration projects to showcase the effectiveness of the most energy efficient technology including LED Village Campaign, institutionalization of enforcement machinery at the state level programmes, manpower support to smoothly coordinate, regulate and enforce energy efficiency in the States and dissemination of knowledge to various stakeholders through workshops, training programmes, impact analysis, publicity / awareness, maintenance of internet platform etc.
  • Contribution to State Energy Conservation Fund (SECF): Clause 16 (1) of the Energy Conservation Act 2001 requires State Governments / U.T. Administrations to constitute a fund called SECF for the purpose of promotion of efficient use of energy and its conservation within the State. In this context, a scheme titled Contribution to State Energy Conservation Fund (SECF) by the Government of India was approved during the 11th plan with an outlay of Rs 66 crores and is continued during the 12th plan with a budget outlay of Rs 50 crores. Till date, 26 states have constituted SECF out of which about 16 states have also provided the matching contribution.
  • Human Resource Development for Promoting Energy Efficiency: The outlay approved for this subscheme is Rs 20 crores. Out of this, an amount of Rs. 15 crores is for the theory cum practice-oriented training programme and Rs.5 crores is for Energy Audit Instrument Support.

Chhattisgarh -SDA

CREDA has been assigned as State Designated Agency for Chhattisgarh State to roll out the Energy Conservation activities.

Presently the ECBC programs is being handled by BEE, under the Ministry of Power at the Central level, while at State level the responsibility for ECBC programs has been looked after by State designated agency of BEE. Accordingly in Chhattisgarh, CREDA being SDA of BEE is presently responsible for ECBC project in the State.

Every State Govt. has been given liberty to amend the ECBC Code with respect to Climatic and Geographical conditions, which was basically developed by a team of an expert under the supervision of BEE.

Accordingly Chhattisgarh ECBC has been drafted and circulated to stakeholders of State Govt. through various stakeholders meetings.

CREDA has organized numerous training programmes on ECBC for all the officials dealing with the construction activity like, Urban Development Department, PWD, Housing Board, Educational Institutions, Practicing Architectures, Engineers and Urban local bodies etc. and getting a very productive response and interests from the participants of various departments.

ECBC activities progress in Chhattisgarh

BEE has formulated ECBC cell in Chhattisgarh with the support of ‘All India Institute of Local Self Government, Delhi Centre’, which is facilitating CREDA in carrying out various Energy Conservation activities in the State. The Cell is active in CREDA since September 2016, and following are the activities that have been conducted so far.
In Chhattisgarh, ECBC was developed in the year 2012 and has been revised and redrafted in 2016 and has been submitted for official vetting for amendment and notification. CREDA is committed to getting it notified in the state. Recently, in June 2017, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India has released ECBC 2017 code. Thus, the ECBC Cell has revised the Chhattisgarh ECBC code as per the new code and submitted it for notification and implementation.
It is believed that ECBC notification and amendment is not the only intent, CREDA believes in simultaneously creating awareness and building capacity of the people for voluntarily showing their interest in adapting Energy Conservation.
CREDA is committed to conducted total 24 number of an Extensive advance level training program on ECBC with the support of ECBC Cell, for creating awareness and interest amongst people of Chhattisgarh, so that they can join their hands together for developing an Energy Efficient State.

ECBC Cell - Activities

1. Preparation and completion of the annual Roadmap for ECBC Implementation in Chhattisgarh. The roadmap has been revised and updated on 23 rd November 2016.

2. The project initiated the work related to
  •  Identification of various stakeholders along with finalization of the circles for the capacity building and training workshops
  •  Preparation of Schedule of ECBC capacity Building Training and Workshops and Providing     Technical, Administrative and Logistical Support.
  •  Preparation of the stakeholder's list for the state of Chhattisgarh.
  •  Compilation of key contacts and addresses of nodal officers and stakeholders from various   government departments in Chhattisgarh
  •  Development of weekly reporting format
3. Understanding requirements of various ECBC Chhattisgarh compliance methods (Prescriptive, Envelope Trade-off, and Whole Building Performance).

4. Developed Case studies for the Buildings (Two) to develop a better understanding of the concepts of energy conservation and passive design strategies along with preparation of a report for demonstration.

5. Preparation of various presentations on ECBC for different groups of people.

6. The ECBC cell has given 10 nos presentation for awareness on ECBC in Architecture and Interior College, Chanakya College, Govt. departments like PWD, NRDA, NIT Raipur and SE’s of PWD department at Chhattisgarh IAS Academy.
7. Listing of Star Rated buildings in Chhattisgarh along with their locations & Salient features for a demonstration of energy savings.

8. Proposed Advisory committee, as discussed during the presentation to the Adl. Chief Secretary Energy Department, to provide steering direction in notification and Implementation of ECBC in Chhattisgarh.

9. Coordinated with Law department to get the legal inputs from Law interns on the CGECBC draft code 2016, CGECBC notification and Rules.

10. Compiled Vendors and manufacturer directory on Energy efficient materials for reference. Also, Co-ordination with local vendors for procuring process of materials and analysis for rates of materials.

11. Supported CREDA in Co-coordinating meeting with different departments like NIT Raipur, CGHB, Mantralaya, CPWD etc.

12. Technical assistance for three buildings for making it ECBC compliance. These are:
  • Architecture designing, Detailing and Simulation of an Administrative building for the upcoming project of 250MV Solar Park at Rajnandgaon
  • Life care Hospital Building at Raipur
  • Proposed New CREDA Office building at Naya Raipur
13. Follow up for procuring Chhattisgarh State Regulatory Commission Building to check for its energy performance and suggesting recommendation.

14. A KMZ file (opens in Google maps and Google Earth) was developed with demarcations of district boundaries and administrative divisions and georeferencing of cities, where ECBC workshops will be conducted. KMZ file also includes geo-referencing of available Climatic data of respective cities of Chhattisgarh (i.e.Raipur and Jagdalpur).

15. Follow up with NIT- Raipur and CREDA officials for mutual understanding to organize workshop on capacity building- ECBC
  • Signed MoU between NIT-Raipur and CREDA
  • Coordinating with NIT in organizing workshops includes coordination with master trainers and workshop dates finalization and conforming same with NIT.
  • Listing out various participants and invitation letters and approaching stakeholders personally and inviting for the workshop.
  • One 2-days workshop held on 8th-9th, May 2017 at NIT Raipur in their Conference hall for Practicing Architects and Engineers on eQuest Simulation software.
16. Revision of Chhattisgarh ECBC code – 2017 as per new national ECBC – 2017. The document has been submitted to Energy Department of Chhattisgarh, for getting it vetted from the law department.

17. Follow up and Meetings with Energy Department for Submission of New revised CGECBC 2017, fast-tracking the procedure of Notification and discussion on the bottle-necks of the process.

Miscellaneous Activities

18. Documentation of Energy efficient materials and technology for updating it in SOR of the Chhattisgarh state. Submission of SOR (Schedule of Rates) and Updated vendor list to Engineer-in- chief for updating it in Chhattisgarh Schedule of Rates.

19. Identification of sections of Model building bye-laws for updating and integrating the ECBC code along with it.

20. The Cell has organized overall 10 nos of ECBC Workshops (from January 2017 till 31 st August) on behalf of CREDA in Chhattisgarh, 2 nos one-day ECBC awareness workshop, 6 nos two-days ECBC awareness workshop and 2 nos two-days ECBC simulation training. The cell members have given complete support an organization, participants coordination, venue arrangements, scheduling the programs, coordination with hotel members for food /venue, providing of study material, development of drawings for simulation, follow-ups, finalizing and organizing Master trainers, organizing food/lodging/boarding of Master trainers, certificates distribution, backdrop/flyers/study material designing for workshops, procuring and forming registration kits, registration during events, comparing/anchoring during the workshop, highlighting ECBC activities to the participants rolling up in Chhattisgarh etc.

21. Designing, conceptualization, and Formulation of this Knowledge portal for Chhattisgarh State – “BHAWAN MITRA” - A one-stop solution for sustainable building information.

22. Framework design for designing and launching journals/newsletter to release in every 6 months.

23. Update of ECBC highlights on social media to create state-level awareness, like, Facebook, Whatsapp groups etc.

24. Developing a presentation for highlights of ECBC-2017 for meetings and general awareness sessions.

25. Providing CREDA the administrative support – report submissions, meetings and providing inputs during the discussion, organizing & coordinating workshops etc.

CREDA’s Vision and Way forward- (2017-18):

  • CREDA is also preparing a handbook for publishing it in the state for easily accessible knowledge on Energy Conservation and Green building strategies.
  • Mapping best practices in Chhattisgarh for demonstration and case study purpose.
  • CREDA is even launching a forum soon, for all the architects, engineers, and departments related to construction, for giving their ideas and opinions for energy efficient construction materials, technologies and strategies.
  • CREDA has proposed to launch an application to check the ECBC compliance check of the building, for easy and hassle-free processing.
  • Technical support to PWD for ECBC compliance of five new buildings and five existing buildings.
  • Revision of Chhattisgarh building bye laws to include provisions of Chhattisgarh ECBC.
  • Provide support for various capacity building programmes to be conducted in the state.
  • Support the implementation of Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) for commercial buildings in Chhattisgarh
    • Support in the development of Municipal building approval system to include Chhattisgarh ECBC.
    • Support at least 2 Municipal Corporations for implementation of ECBC.